To Judaize

In the August 2010 edition of Joy Magazine there is an article written by Dr Peter Hammond with the title, The Return of the Judaizers, in which he not only criticises Christians for what he considers Judaizing, but also warns the reader against them. The purpose of my article is not to refute or debate the views of Dr Hammond, but to give perspective on the true meaning of Judaize. Read more: To Judaize

One thought on “To Judaize

  1. The Letter Bet = 2 Alefs or (2 x 1), and Alef is composed of 2 Yuds and 2 Vavs; thfereore there are 4 Yuds and 4 Vavs within the first letter Bet. And we can construct the Tetragrammaton (YHVH) from these 4 Yuds and 4 Vavs, ergo the YHVH is in the first letter Bet. What do you think?

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