Les 2: Hoekom Onderhou ons die Shabbat?

Die Shabbat is YHVH se oomblik in tyd wat spesiaal opsy gesit word en waar Hy saam met die mens wil rus (shabbat). Dit is ‘n ewige instelling en deel van YHVH se skepping. Hy sal dit nie verander nie, want Hy is gister, vandag en tot in ewigheid dieselfde (Heb. 13:8). Lees verder: Les 2: Shabbat Onderhou

One thought on “Les 2: Hoekom Onderhou ons die Shabbat?

  1. Hi Pastor Michael,In light of recent evetns I’ve read and re-read multiple times Math 18 which you discussed last Shabbat. Tim Hegg also teaches on this in the Ekklesia Course we have been studying. I believe you taught very accurately what Math 18 reads and I am very pleased that you emphasized forgiveness as this is often over-looked. I sensed the passion in your voice a number of times as the recent evetns have been consuming my thoughts as well. I have been sickened to the core with all that has transpired and assume many others have been feeling the same. Thank you so much for clarifying the principals outlined in Yeshua’s teaching on this matter. Thought I’d share something I hadn’t noticed before; Math 18: 6 Whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in me to sin It suddenly struck me that the little ones are not necessarily children (although they could be) but rather new believers. The ramifications of causing a new believer to sin might cause this person to lose their salvation. I am always blessed when the Holy Spirit opens my eyes to something I missed before. Shalom, Bob

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