Lies My Church Taught Me

Every person on earth is born in sin. One of our biggest failures is to hide the truth in some way or another – whether it be telling or hearing. Has the thought ever crossed your mind that your church, the spiritual support in your life, may have more lies and untruths than the proverbial fisherman and the size of his fish? Follow Hein Zentgraf on a journey where he will point out many of these shocking lies. Truth is, after publishing the original article, it quickly needed updating to point out more, almost-forgotten, deep-seated errors. Few things in life are as bad as people who lie to themselves and only when being completely honest with yourself, you will realise that even your church, the sanctuary you visit Sunday after Sunday for spiritual “food”, people you may support financially, are probably causing more spiritual damage in your life than doing good. You may realise that you actually only go to church on instinct and even stumble upon lies Hein missed and contribute to an updated version…Read more: Lies my Church taught me